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    A Responsible E-Learner

    laptop on booksHow many rules does your school have? Quite a few. There are rules that help students know how to act toward other students, how to answer questions in class, how much time you have to complete make-up work, where you should walk going from one class to another, when it is appropriate to talk, what is okay to bring to school and keep in your locker... the list is endless.

    Online courses have rules too. Some, like homework due dates, are the same as in a face-to-face course. But other policies are different. While it is more important for your face-to-face course to have a cell-phone policy and a tardy policy, your online course needs to have clear policies around how to act online (called "netiquette"), how to act safely, and how to be academically honest.

    In this unit, we'll look at what makes a responsible e-learner.