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Day 18-20 (2016): Setting Online Learners Up for Success

Day 18-20 (2016): Setting Online Learners Up for Success

by Deborah Cleveland -
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Mrs. Roberts blended her math course during first semester, however she has hit a few bumps with students. In her face to face classes is able to naturally develop a sense of classroom community with her students. This community leads to a connectivity among and between her and her students that sets them up for success. Unfortunately, in her online course she just doesn't feel as if that same level of community has been established.

This has led to all sorts of issues. Several students have missed important deadlines. While others have failed to respond to questions or make changes to work after receiving feedback.

Frustrated she has posted in the OLLIE forum her. She is hoping that the community members will have some ideas that will help her build community among and between her students and set them up to be successful online learners.


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Re: Day 18-20 (2016): Setting Online Learners Up for Success

by Denise Krefting -

On the failed deadlines- way that I have seen this done is to use an assignment checklist. This is in Moodle but I expect you will find them in other LMS' as well. This allows the students to know what assignments they have to do and they can check them off. When they check them off, the teacher can see individually what each student has done.

A sense of community can be done by incorporating a live chat or virtual meeting some times during the class. This way students can connect with each other and the teacher. I have also found that sending out regular emails or notifications to students can help their connectedness with the teacher. How about posting virtual "office" hours when the teacher is available for support?