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Bread crumbs

by Lora Johnson -

That is a clever name for what is helping me keep track of what I am slowly but surely getting done.

Always something to learn!

by Kari Ricke -

I am continuing to learn. That's what life is about. We are constantly learning and growing! I like the term, 'breadcrumbs"! This is a great way to describe the navigation bar at the top.

Navigating the class

by Angela Hinton -

I'm excited for this class, but my navigation process could use quite a lot of practice!


by Ashley Doster -
I love the breadcrumbs on the top of the page. It is much easier to navigate especially when I need to go back to a previous page. 

Scavenger Hunt

by Janet Vonderhaar -

I have heard the word "breadcrumbs" used, but did not understand the meaning during one of our staff meetings. Good to know.  This scavenger hunt seems pretty straight forward, thank you. 

Hansel and Gretel

by Jill Geissler -

"Breadcrumbs" Ha! I love it....I have been using these a lot but never knew they had a name. If using this term with kiddos, I see a read aloud so that they can make the connection and laugh (or roll their eyes) at the reference. smile 

Nothing like waiting until the last night

by Barb Foster -

I had better get into a schedule with this course instead of waiting until Tuesday nights!

Sample Post Topic

by Craig Mohr -

If your life were made into a movie, who would you want to play your character? (include a brief explanation)