To help you with your use of K-12 Online with your students, we have several resources to help you.

Course Request

Use the course request block on the right to request a course space.  All Iowa teachers are welcome to course space, even for practice of Moodle's features.  When requesting course space, you will be asked for the course name and short name (i.e. the name that appears up in the breadcrumbs on the page), your district and AEA, and an enrollment key.  An enrollment key is a password you use for your course so that only your students can enter.


As we update the system and add new features, you can find out all the details in our newsletter.  To subscribe to our newsletter for the K-12 system or check out past issues, click here.

Teacher Help

New to Moodle?  We have a variety of teacher help resources to get you started.  Click here to find out more.  (Currently being updated)


On K-12 Online, we have hundreds of OER courses and units available, many created by Iowa teachers.  Peruse our catalog here to find a course to use.

Additional E-Learning Resources (check above for additional resources)

Teacher Community

 Click the logo to the left to sign up for the Online Learning for Iowa Educators (OLLIE) Newsletter.

OLLIE CommunityClick on the logo to the left to join the Google + Community for Online Learning for Online Educators (OLLIE) group collaboration

 Click on the logo to the left to access the Google+ Community for OLLIE group collaboration.

Contact Denise, Melissa or Craig if you would like to know more about these.

Denise Krefting - dkrefting@aealearningonline.org

Melissa Wicklund - mwicklund@aealearningonline.org

Craig Mohr - cmohr@aealearningonline.org

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