Navigating a Moodle Course

Once you are in a course, here is how to navigate the course. (some of these directions change slightly depending on the theme and format chosen by the teacher)

1. Weeks, Tabs, Grids

         Many courses are set up in one of these three formats.  Below are examples of each.


Within each of these organizational techniques, you will find resources provided by your teacher.  Take a minute to look around the course and click on things.

2. Breadcrumbs

          At the top of the page are breadcrumbs.  These show you where you are at in the system.  Here is an example:


          You can click on any of these crumbs to navigate throughout the site.

          Sometimes the breadcrumbs look like this:

          This means that you are enrolled in the course, and the fastest way to get there is through the my courses shortcut. 

3. Blocks

There are blocks on the right side of the page.  Navigation is

You can minimize a block by clicking the minimize button in the upper right of a block:

You can also dock blocks using .  This puts the block under a button on the left and it opens when you scroll over it. 

Button:                When scrolled over: 

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