Michael Lewis Montgomery, II: A heartbeat Away From Destiny!

Michael Lewis Montgomery, II Photo of Michael Montomery

(born August 18, 1983) is a former American football defensive end. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the sixth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Texas A & M and had a eight year professional football career.

“A heartbeat Away From Destiny!”

My name is Michael Montgomery and I'm from Texas. In the early stages of life, I traveled around Texas with my mother; her career was as a basketball coach. "Rosie Walker" member of the 2001 women's basketball hall of fame, and she received about every basketball award imaginable, she is now coaching high school basketball.

I set my goal to become a professional football player. During my athletic career in high school, I was all state in football & basketball. But, had a short coming; the grades to go to a big time college. So, I went to a junior college in Texas, Navarro College. During my 2 years there, I was a 1st team all-conference and 1st team All-American in football. My hard work in the class room paid off and I was given the opportunity to go to Texas A & M on a full scholarship. Everything was going smoothing towards accomplishing my goal. I had the chance to play against the best players in the toughest conference. But, my dreams had to be put on hold because I was diagnosed with a rare heart disease that almost took my life in the middle of football practice. The heart disease is called Wolf Parkinson’s White syndrome. In the middle of a hot day of training camp, the symptoms of the disease occurred such as shortness of breath, light headiness, and dizziness. I was in and out of consciousness and passed out during practice. I woke up in the training room and the athletic trainer told me, "We’re going to rush you to the hospital. I went to Austin, Texas and received heart surgery.

The doctors recommend that I never play football again. I told them, "I rather be dead than not play football". I was so close to my goal and I could not turn back. So after the heart surgery, I sat out half the season, performing exercise tests to prove to them that I was ready and able to return to the game. I returned and lead the team to the Cotton Bowl. I was honored to be selected 1st team All- Conference, defensive MVP and awarded by the governor of Texas the “Aggie Heart Award. The highest honor at Texas A & M, for my leadership and character on and off the field. I then got drafted by the Green Bay Packers. I faced death in the eye and overcame my situation to achieve my goal. The victor not the victim! Texas A&M Football Highlights:

College Football Highlights from Michael Montgomery II on Vimeo.

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