Charles Barnes: If You Keep Going, Everything Will Be Alright

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(born August 18, 1983) is a former American football defensive end. He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the sixth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He played college football at Texas A & M and had a eight year professional football career.

“If You Keep Going, Everything Will Be Alright”

I consider myself successful because I am still alive and making every effort to be more than what I was yesterday. I have composed seven CD’s and I have my first book published.

Most of my children are happy and have their own families. All of my children and grandchildren call on God and believe God. They are helping this world to be a better place in their chosen way. I share with you as I share with the children. I tell them that I know if you keep going, and trying, “Everything Will Be Alright”.

I share this success story in hope of helping someone to overcome the wiles of the evil one. One of its wiles is to kill, steal and destroy every person, place, or thing which includes the goals, ambitions, and the personal spirit that should be in each one of us. I am primarily looking at the kill, or killing part which is used to destroy the potential goals and success of the Black nation as could be in any nation if it is incorporated and used as a way out. Primarily, I am talking about suicide.

In earlier years approximate around 1968, you would occasionally hear about the Caucasian nationality as one group of people who used suicide as a way to escape. Primarily, during the great depression which was one of those times when some people committed the act because of shame, as a way to help their family survive by using insurance money, and whatever other excuses that were given. In the Black Nationality, I had never heard of it until around 1975. I paid attention to it because a friend of my running buddy and my friend made excuses to take their own life.

My running buddy’s friend came out to one of the clubs in our hometown. He seemed alright. He laughed, kidded, and just talked in general about the goodness he had in his life. Gradually, the story changed. It changed when the person started talking about his present girlfriend and how much he loved her. He immediately said that he thought she was out here at this club. Then he blurted out words that literally took the talk out of our conversation. He made us speechless. He stated, “If I go into this club and see my girl with another man, I am going to shoot myself”. My running buddy and I looked at each other then looked back at the person speaking. I guess the person speaking must have seen the effect of his words on us because he then asked us the question, “You don’t believe me”? We responded, “Man, you don’t have to do that to prove anything to us”. The man walked away from us and went into the door of the club.

Within the next ten minutes, we heard a gunshot. We heard people yelling while other people ran out of the club. It seemed like, within minutes, the rescue squad had arrived. They took the man out on a stretcher. The club owner then made what I thought was a rude remark. The club owner said, “If there is anyone else who would like to take their life, please do it on the outside”.

Years later, an older classmate of mine who was having a family problem with his father concerning “who’s the adult, joined the Navy. After he completed his tour (I thought), he came back home to have a wonderful life. The next thing I heard was that he took his own life with a shotgun in the mouth. It seemed that I had just left him. I had just welcomed him back home. As much as we hung together, it seemed that he did not want to share with me his thoughts concerning this situation. I still wonder why he didn’t share his thoughts with me, and why he chose to end our friendship in this manner. In 2012, I a great guitar player who performed with me many nights between 1968 and 1973 took his life. I only got the news by word of mouth, but am still in the dark to why?

Taking your own life is not the answer. You leave people shaken and bewildered. We are shaken because we never thought that taking your own life was an option. We are shaken because all of us were taught to climb that mountain and forge ahead. We grew up on Tarzan, Hercules, Superman, The Lone Ranger, Godzilla, and many shows and comic books that said that we fight the foes, tricksters, and any force that tried to extinguish and belittle life. We learned that even if we are beaten that as long as there is breath, we have a chance for victory. If we got injured, patch up the injury and go onward. If we are out of bullets, get more. If our horse dies, get another. We were taught that even if we are fearful, we muster up every ounce of courage we can and go onward.

Finally, as a Christian, I now see that we all have an advocate name Christ Jesus. We have a friend that can help us overcome things in our self and the things that try to fool us outside. Remember that anything that tries to motivate you to destroy yourself is not your friend. It is not trying to help you. It is against you. It is the anti-you, anti your friends and family, and some call it the “anti-Christ”. It is much easier to be defeated if the defeat comes from within. If it (Death, defeat from within) desires to fight with you, then fight to the death. Don’t just give in to death. Fight so that your goodwill, love, peace, and hope prevail for you, your family and mostly your friends. As you fight, know that you are not alone in your fight. Every human is fighting to get the enemy within us out. We strive to keep the enemy out. We don’t want it coming into us. Fight for your life! As long as we fight for life, know that everything will be alright.

Charles Barnes’ CD’s are available at Check how his book Stabilizing Your Ladder.

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