Chase J. Moore: My Vocation

Chase Jay Moore (Texas) Photo of Chase J. Moore

“My Vocation”

I am currently concentrated in the 4-2 Engineering Program at the College of the Holy Cross. In an engineering program where I will do 4 years at Holy Cross, and 2 years at Columbia University. That will enable me to earn a total of 2 degrees in 6 years. I plan to conquer either a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics or Physics. I am also interested in Sociology and the studies of Public Policy. I was blessed to receive a scholarship and play Division 1 football. It is a phenomenal opportunity that helps me grow as an individual. I am dedicated to maintaining physical and mental discipline because of the prestigious nature of my schools legacy. I never would have imagined going to one of the top academic institutions in the nation, going for free, and was uncertain if I would be offered Division 1 opportunities. Skill and talent do not take credit for how far I have come; my family and circumstances of my upbringing is key to where I am now. I am a product of many of the failing communities within Los Angeles, but I decided to rise above the cracks and succeed.

Many of my community dwellers lack proper and necessary resources to succeed. In addition, many lack opportunities and the tenacious attitude I have always had. There are few positive outlets for the youth to flourish. Most, Inner city school systems lack funding because of low property taxes. The property values in more affluent areas are greater, so schools in those areas receive optimum funding. Dilapidated buildings, un-nourishing environments, and unsanitary conditions are normality. That is a major problem. It gives light to why many minorities are at the bottom of the economic totem pole. The antibiotic for all of this chaos is humility and by God’s grace, I have the opportunity to express my humility through my vocation of engineering.

By receiving an engineering degree from Columbia University after graduating from Holy Cross, those will open gates of opportunity for many American inner cities. I personally believe I have the ability to change it all, I will make education in the inner-city the number one goal. I plan to create buildings that can be used as positive organizations for the youth. After diligently studying this field of science, I will tangibly change the dynamic of inner-city communities. I will end the chain of educational malnourishment.

I plan on also becoming a political activist to alter the negativity synonymous to my community. Brilliance is inevitable but will not be foreseen until a scapegoat is risen. Actively being a role model and being an inspiration will change lives, and that is my ultimate objective. Many people notice the lack of minority representation within society; therefore, I will serenade the inner city on a political scale. It will be challenging to change the minimal resources and lack of positive opportunities, but on the grand scheme of things, it will reap great benefits.

One of my mentors is the person who inspired me to take the engineering-politician route. It may seem impossible since it’s two exclusive fields that are both challenging and time-consuming. He taught me that if it is your passion it is possible. He never told me that lesson; it is something I’ve found out from his life story. He grew up in Watts and had a daughter at 15, then became incarcerated in prison for 6 years, and then years later he graduated from Loyola Marymount University and was nominated for state assembly last year. That tall tale is a reality only because of his efforts to inspire. Prophet Walker is now one of the great names in politics. I plan on becoming a great inspiration just like him.

I will motivate and eventually help create the success of the future. The minimal funding in education is inhumane. I plan on improving the education in the public sector to help the youth. I guarantee that one of the next ten presidents will come from the ghetto. If it means that a college degree to build more positive auxiliaries is necessary, so be it. Gangbanging and the consumption of neighborhood lifestyle is praised. I seek knowledge on how to deal with and prevent these injustices from ever happening again. Enabling more Roses to grow from cracks in the concrete sets my spirit ablaze.

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