Tyrone Tate: How could I be so unique in overcoming adversity without God?

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"How could I be so unique in overcoming adversity without God?"

Overcoming real adversity requires God.  It's an inner and psychological strength.  It's a power that all men, women, and children possess.  It is equally distributed among us all.  When we sincerely pray for ourselves or for one another it draws an unusual amount of strength that enables one to overcome ALL adversity.  Do we get caught up in not really understanding what is the specifics of the challenge?  How will it affect me?  Will I learn anything from it to avoid it again?  And the greatest question is; how can I teach my lesson to help someone else?

Adversity is something we all are going to face at some point in life.  It's something we are going to face multiple times.  No matter who you are or what you have, adversity is going to creep into your life.  If it's not your health, its your finances, if not your love life, it's your friendships, if not your family, it's something you care for.  Overcoming adversity requires prayer and faith.  Prayer is powerful.  One has to pray having faith the answer is from God and He knows what's right for us.  Sometime the answer may not be what we want and what we expect.  However, only God knows why we need to stop, wait, or detour.  We are all-purpose for being in the world.  The answer to our prayers, when faced with adversity, may seem unclear sometimes but God knows how we fit into His plan.  Adversity requires me to be patient and diligent in my pursuit for the things that are pleasing in God's eyes and not mine.  Why me I ask when the greater question is why not me?  God is in control and I'm just a vessel to profess and celebrate how good He has been to me.  Adversity is a part of life and God's words are "This to shall pass."

Tyrone Tate  (Educator, Entrepreneur, Speaker)

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