Delmus Harris III: Overcoming Destructive Comments from Others

Delmus Harris III (Retired Law Enforcement) Photo of Delmus Harris III

"Overcoming Destructive Comments from Others"

As a child, I remembered being told more negative and or destructive comments about myself than positive. Comments of the sort addressed to a child are damaging to one’s self-confidence, which leads to the lack of motivation, and seclusion. For many years unknowingly at the time as a child, I believed these destructive comments for many years which led to me not believing in myself, even into early adulthood.

One day while at sea in the Navy, my responsibility was so great. I was responsible for a Multi-Million Dollar War Ship. The responsibility that was delegated to me was nothing that I could have ever imagined. Within the time span of an hour, I realized that everyone who had shared their destructive comments toward me as a child was not capable nor educated enough to be delegated the responsibilities that I had.

I realized that these individuals saw something within me that they weren’t, or did not have and would not be able to obtain. With that in mind, never give anyone the authority to bring you down because they don’t have the power to bring you up.  

Trust in Jesus our Lord, seek his Father our God, and allow their Holy Spirit to flow within your flesh to consume wisdom. And lastly, believe in yourself; know your strengths & your weakness and you will grasp a better understanding and a reason for your existence.

Delmus Harris III (Law Enforcement)

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